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Astrology 2019

Astrology 2019, predictions of new year, rashifal of new-year,  what will happen in life in new year as per astrology.

Do you know that as per vedic astrology, every new year has a master and minister and as per that environment will be seen.  The Master of 2019 is SATURN and And Minister is SUN.
As per Indian mythology combination of both are not good and so the new-year will be full of mysterious events. Insecurity, fear, abnormal weather conditions will be seen in country.Excess rain and drought will affect different places.In politics also, great changes expected, it is not easy for any party to prove their power.Over load of work and too many changes will affect businessmen and service men too. Astrology Predictions Of 12 RASHI: New year is bringing many changes in life because of changes in planetary positions ups and down, success, struggle will be seen in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces people. To read full RASH…

Pitru Dosh Aise Dur Kare

पितृ दोष जीवन में बहुत सारे संकतो को उत्पन्न कर देता है इसी कारण वैदिक ज्योतिष में इसके बारे में बहुत उल्लेख मिलता है, पितरो का महत्त्व इस बात से भी पता चलता है की साल में कुछ दिन सिर्फ पितरो के लिए समर्पित रहते हैं जिसे पितृ पक्ष या महालय कहते हैं.
शाश्त्रो में पितृ पक्ष के बारे में बहुत कुछ बताया गया है और ये भी कहा गया है की ये समय सबसे अच्छा होता है पितरो को प्रसन्न करके उनका आशीर्वाद लेने के लिए. अगर सिर्फ इन दिनों में कोई पितरों के निमित्त दान, पुण्य पूजा पाठ करते हैं तो निश्चित ही जीवन में से बहुत से परेशानी जाती रहती है और जातक भौतिक सुख सुविधाओं को प्राप्त करता है. कैसे जाना जाता है पितृ दोष को?कुंडली में सूर्य और शनि की स्थिति को देखके इसके बारे में जानकारी मिलती है.हस्त रेखा विशेषज्ञ हाथ देख के भी पितृ दोष को जान लेते हैं. इसके अलावा जीवन में कुछ ऐसा घटने लगता है की उससे भी पितृ दोष को जाना जाता है जिसकी जानकारी आगे दी जा रही है.  Read about pitru dosh nivaran totke वो कौन से संकेत है जिन्हें जानकार ये पता कर सकते हैं की पितृ दोष के कारण जीवन में असफलता हाथ लग रही है?अगर ब…

How to become good guest

Ethics Of Being Good Guest Somewhere, What points to keep in mind while going somewhere, Astrology tips to make journey successful.

Actually going somewhere is easy but being a successful guest is not very easy, there are many things which must be kept in mind while going to somewhere to stay or for sometime. This is the behavior only which will make you stay in the mind of others positively. So underestimate your presence anywhere, if we follow some points in mind then definitely person will remember us for long time and this will help to maintain healthy relationship too.

Actually by talking with people related to guest, I have found that many are not happy at all by seeing guest at there home, this is not because they don't like them instead due to there bad experiences they are now avoiding having guest.

I also have a negative experience which also compelled me in this direction, one of my friend whenever come at home with there children, it is definite that some problem will …

Habits Which Makes Us Inactive

Do I like these things,some habits which makes a terrific impacts in our life, how to stop medicine expenses, some habits which makes us inactive, some things which makes our life dull, FREE Awareness tips.

Luxurious life is definitely liked by every one and slowly luxury becomes a great disadvantage for us and we become unaware of this life long. After sometime luxurious life become our necessity and a little bit negative changes makes us frustrate, uncomfortable, ill, disturb etc.

This article is useless for those who don't want to come out of there problems by some self efforts. This article is very useful for those who want to be aware of hidden enemies which are making our life typical in long run.

There are some habits which we adopt without knowing the ill effects of them and they slowly start creating problem invisibly and we don't know life long about them or we can also say that we don't want to know about them.

Let's understand this with an example which has…

Astrology For Lovers

The Love & Romance Forecast report explores important things about lovers life, If you are in love with anyone and want to know about how will your life with your partner then here is the opportunity to know the secrets of love life from LOVE ASTROLOGER.

You can know many things about your love life from astrologer/jyotish/fortune teller like as: When will be the best time to get a love in life.Which planets are creating problems in your love life?How to make love life successful through astrology.Know how the transits will affect your personal or love life and how to minimize the malefic impacts of planets.  Astrologer Om provide safe and secure astrology service and no data will be provided to anyone for marketing purpose.  If you want to know about match with your beloved then you have to send the birth details of both of you, and if you want to know about the impacts of planets in your life only then you can send your own details only.  Love astrologer/ Love guru/ famous love …

Astrology Reasons and Remedies Of STRESS in Life

What is tension or stress, astrology reasons of stress or tension, impacts of stress, how to overcome from tension and frustration through astrology?. Tanaav ek aam baat hai parantu jab koi tanaav me lagataar rahne lagta hai to isse health par bahut bura asar hota hai. Atah ye jaruri hai ki tanaav se bahar aane ke liye jaruri kadam samay par uthaaya jaaye. Tanaav kai karano se logo me paida hota hai jaise ki –Galat kaam karne wale ke man mastishk me tanaav rahta hai.Kisi ko karyo me safalta nahi milne ke karan tanaav ho jata hai.Koi vyakti sambandho me khataas hone ke karan tanaav me aa jata hai.Kuch log dhan sambandhi samasya se jujhne ke karan tanaav me aa jate hain.Kuch log prem me asafal hone ke karan tanaav me jeene lagte hain.Kuch log rojgaar ko leke tanaav me rahte hain.Jyotish ke dwara hum jivan ke anek rahasyo ko samajh sakte hain parantu iske liye kundli ka analysis karna jaruri hota hai. 
Is lekh me hum tanaav ya stress ke jyotishiy karano ko dekhenge aur uska samadhaan bhi…