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Significance of Anisht Shanti Pooja

Significance of Anisht Shanti Pooja by Astrologer, 1 solutions of many problems, how to get rid of malefic planets, Benefits of “ANISHT SHANTI POOJA”.
Significance of Anisht Shanti Pooja by Astrologer, 1 solutions of many problems, how to get rid of malefic planets, Benefits of “ANISHT SHANTI POOJA”.
Significance of Anisht Shanti Pooja
Life is full of struggle and therefore many types of problems arises in life time to time. Some problems easily goes away but there are many problems which disturb the life and all the efforts are unable to solve those problems. There are different types of pooja procedure are given in our scriptures to get rid of different problems. 
But here we will know about a specific pooja known as “ANISHT SHANTI POOJA” which is beneficial to get rid of many problems. 
  1. If enemies are performing rituals to harm you then Anisht Shanti Pooja is very helpful. 
  2. If anyone is facing too much problem in getting married then also Anisht Shanti Pooja is helpful. 
  3. If anyone is facing legal problems in life then also this Anisht Shanti Pooja is beneficial. 
  4. If business is tied with any spell then also anisht shanty prayog is helpful. 
  5. If anyone is suffering from black magic then also this pooja is helpful. 
  6. If anyone has tied your work means earning source then also this special prayer is helpful.
  7. If health is getting down regularly then also Anisht shanty pooja is helpful. 
  8. If you are having kalsarp yoga and if have done all poojas to minimize the impacts and not getting satisfactory result then you should try this Anisht Shanti Pooja 
  9. This can also save you from unseen fear.
No matter where do you live, no matter what is your age, no matter what is your religion, you can contact ASTROLOGER FOR THIS Anisht Shanti Pooja.
This pooja is the solutions of many star problems.

What is “Anisht Shanti Pooja”?

While doing Anisht Shanti Pooja we do regular HOMA with spell, not only this, the name of person who is facing problem is also taken with the spell. 

What are the benefits of Anisht Shanti Pooja?

  • This pooja is helpful to getrid of tantra problems, spell problems. 
  • This prayer open the way to success in life. 
  • If any enemy is performing black magic then also this pooja cut it. 
  • This pooja is very helpful to save person from negative energies. 
  • If any one is affected by Unseen energies then also this pooja is helpful.
Any one can contact to book this pooja and there is no need to present in this pooja physically. 

Note: If you don’t have your birth details and also not aware about the reasons of your problems then also this pooja is helpful for you. 
After this pooja A KAWACH AND YANTRA will be sent which you can install in your pooja place. 

Significance of Anisht Shanti Pooja by Astrologer, 1 solutions of many problems, how to get rid of malefic planets, Benefits of “ANISHT SHANTI POOJA”.

When this Anisht Shanti Pooja is done?

Every month there are some special mahurat on which we can start this pooja  and some special days are navratri, amavasya, full moon day, Eclipse time etc. 
You can contact ASTROLOGER For horoscope reading and to book this pooja.

Significance of Anisht Shanti Pooja, 1 solutions of many problems, how to get rid of malefic planets, Benefits of “ANISHT SHANTI POOJA”.


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