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Pitru Dosh Aise Dur Kare

Significance of Dakshina Vrati Shankh

Dakshina vrat shank/Conch/conch shell, importance of dakshina vrat conch/shank, buy dakshinavrati shank/Conch/conch shell from astrologer. 
Dakshina vrat shank/Conch/conch shell, importance of dakshina vrat conch/shank, buy dakshinavrati shank/Conch/conch shell from astrologer.
Significance of Dakshina Vrati Shankh

For the ancient time sages and scholars are using dakshinavrati shank to attract success. In tantrik scriptures also the importance of this product is available. It is said that whereever a siddha dakshinavratri shank is placed, prosperity, power, success comes automatically. It is because dakshinavrati shank represent lord narayan. 
Now the question is that what is dakshina vrati shank/Conch/conch shell?
So let's understand the mystery of shanks. There are many types of shank available and in real they are not manufactured in any company, they are made by a special species under sea and so shanks are available near sea shore actually. 
In temple regularly we can find the pundit or pujari make sound with shank at the time of arti , it is believed that the sound of shank kills many germs and generate positive aura. So it is advised to produce sound of shank daily in home temple also. 
Types of shank/Conch/conch shell:
There are generally 2 types of shank available One is normal which is opened from left side and one is opened from right side. The shank which is opened towards right side is very auspicious and known as "Dakshinavrati shank".
Importance of Dakshinavrati Shankh:
Sound of shank is very sacred and is able to kill germs of many types and thus keep the environment safe from dangerous diseases. This is the scientific benefit of shankh sound. 
As per astrology also to perform abhishek of god and goddess with the help of dakshinavrati shankh is also taken as very auspicious. It also attract money, wealth, prosperity where it is placed. So from every point of view dakshinavrati shankh is important. So it must be kept in home temple, office temple, storage room etc. to attract success from all direction. 
We can also find the shankh present in the hand of god and goddess which itself shows the importance of this product. 
Where To Buy Dakshinavrati shank/Conch/conch shell ?

If you want to buy original dakshina vrati shankh then buy original "DAKSHINAVRATI SHANKH" from astrologer, when it is available. It is available in different size and shape as per availability. 
So enhance your luck by shankh, enhance your life by using this sacred shankh, get success in life.
Contact Astrologer to buy Original Dakshinavrati Shankh Now.

Dakshina vrat shank/Conch/conch shell, importance of dakshina vrat conch/shank, buy dakshinavrati shank/Conch/conch shell from astrologer. 


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