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What Are Vashikaran Mantra Or Vashikaran Spells

What Are Vashikaran Mantra Or Vashikaran Spells, Astrologer views on vashikaran mantra, types and uses of vashikaran spells, astrology and vashikaran vidya.
What Are Vashikaran Mantra Or Vashikaran Spells, Astrologer Om views on vashikaran mantra, types and uses of vashikaran spells, astrology and vashikaran vidya, uses of vashikaran mantra, best days to start practice.

Vashikaran spells:

We can find many articles related to vashikaran mantras in google but here in this article we will know about what actually vashikaran mantras are and how they work. This is a very temptative subject and everyone want to use these mantras after knowing the power and impacts of vashikaran spells. But one thing must be kept in mind that "There is no shortcut to success". Great practice is needed to activate the vashikaran powers within and the spells are medium to generate hypnotic powers within. 

Facts Related To Vashikaran:

in todays life people think that vashikaran mantras are used to control lovers mind but this is not so. There are different types of spells as per need, some are helpful in attracting divine energies, some are used to cool down enemies mind, some are used to make nearby environment positive and so on. Now a days fake astrologer has made this a business to use this term to put impact on their clients but this is not good.
We can transform our personality by practicing spells properly under guidance. 

Types of Vashikaran Mantra:

  1. Spells to cool down enemies , they are known as Shatru Mohan mantra.
  2. Spells to control husband who is not supporting wife, we call these mantra "Pati vashikaran mantras"
  3. Spells to control wife who is not supporting husband, we call these mantra "Patni vashikaran mantra".
  4. There are many Kamadeva mantras too which are used in hypnosis.
  5. Spells to make positive impacts on everyone who comes nearby, these mantras are known as "sarwajan vashikaran mantra".
Vashikaran Astrologer:
Astrology is a science which is necessary in doing every practice. Vashikaran astrologer analyse the horoscope of couple and then find the reason of problems and then find out solutions through astrology and other occult science ways. 
So we can't keep away astrology from vashikaran science. Astrology also helps to find out mahurat to start practices which enhances the chances of success.

Astrologers Suggests Following types of Vashikaran mantras to Practitioners:

What Are Vashikaran Mantra Or Vashikaran Spells, Astrologer Om views on vashikaran mantra, types and uses of vashikaran spells, astrology and vashikaran vidya.
  • Vedic vashikaran mantra
  • Shabar sammohan mantras
  • Devi-devta vashikaran mantra.
It is also suggest to perform saadhna infront of vashikaran yantra which will help in focusing and generating energy.Yantra is also used to perform this pooja and it is said that if siddha yantra is installed in auspicious time then no doubt it is possible to win the world. Yantras are powerful source of divine energy, regular practice infront of yantra can make life powerful, healthy and smooth.

Uses Of Vashikaran Mantra:

  1. To attract any person male or female. 
  2. To attract blessings of any divine energy.
  3. To cool down enemy mind.
  4. To reform relationships.

Best Days To Start Vashikaran Saadhna:

  1. Navratris are said to best night to perform practices for Vashikaran.
  2. Pushya Yoga is also said to be good for this practice. 
  3. There are 4 maharatris(diwali night, holi dahan night, janmashtmi and Shivratri), these are also good for vashikran practice. 
  4. Astrologer can also take out other important mahurat to perform this practice of attraction. 
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What Are Vashikaran Mantra Or Vashikaran Spells,Astrologer views on vashikaran mantra, types and uses of vashikaran spells, astrology and vashikaran vidya, uses of vashikaran mantra, best days to start practice.


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