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What is Vashikaran ?

What is Vashikaran, Precautions to be taken while doing vashikaran practice, Vashikaran mantra, Astrologer for love problem solutions.
What is Vashikaran, Precautions to be taken while doing vashikaran practice, Vashikaran mantra, Astrologer for love problem solutions.
What is Vashikaran ?
In todays life everyone think that vashikaran means to attract any person, to compel anyone to perform work without him or her consent. But reality is different. Scholars used to practice the vashikaran mantra to attract blessings of divine energies in ancient days but gradually it changes and now limited to attract only any boy or girl.

Earlier the vashikaran practice were being done to make spiritual life successful but now a days people are using this to fulfil their materialistic wishes only. And mostly it is seen that it is used to fulfil the desire of lust.

Power of Vashikaran Saadhna:

This is a fact that if anyone perform Vashikaran Practice then it changes the personality and bless the person with hypnotic aura by which person is able to make special place in society but when it is used to fulfil lust then the benefits will not remain for long. 
This is a life changing subject if used properly but if not then it ruin the life very soon.

What is Vashiakran?

Vashikaran is also known as sammohan and it is one of the powerful practice to generate attraction power/hypnotic power in mind and body so that people may feel good when come nearby. 
There is another type of sammohan practice in which this practice is done to attract any particular person male or female.

From Ancient time Scholars are doing vashikaran practice to fulfil different wishes like as-
  1. To make our personal life fruitful.
  2. To make our professional life fruitful.
  3. To make our social life successful. 
  4. To make our spiritual life successful. 
  5. To make marriage life full of love etc.
So it is a practice to make overall life successful but today negative minded persons are trying to use this to fulfil their lust only.

How People Are Misguided Today In The Name of Vashikaran?

Today this is a very general scene that many are attracting youth by saying that --
  • Bring your x-love through vashikaran.
  • Bring your x-wife through vashikaran.
  • Improve your sex relationships through vashikaran. 
  • Fulfil your wishes through vashikaran.
  • Get desired job through vashikaran and so on. 
But it is not good to compel anyone to do anything without his or her wish and this type of practices not work for long and then life become more problematic.

How vashikaran saadhna is done?

  1. This can be done by using beej mantra. 
  2. There are many totkays which works in attraction. 
  3. It is done by using vashikaran yantra. 
  4. There are vedic mantras which works. 
  5. Some use black magic for vashikaran. 
  6. Sammohan saadhna is also done by using tantrik mantra. 

Free Tips For Vashikaran Practitioners?

  1. Do not expect result in short period. 
  2. Do practice regularly without break. 
  3. It is necessary to maintain celibacy during vashikaran practice days. 
  4. Keep control your temper. 
  5. Don't use black magic if you want to go safe. 

Two Special Mantra To Get Success:

What is Vashikaran, Precautions to be taken while doing vashikaran practice, Vashikaran mantra, Astrologer for love problem solutions.

A) "ॐ क्लीं कृष्णाय नमः" – 
Krishna is known for his hypnotic power and therefore not only human but animals also feel good near him. This krishna vashikaran mantra is very good to attract blessings of lord krishna.
B) "ॐ ह्रीं नमः" -
If anyone recite this mantra with controlled tempo and voice then no doubt it will generate positive aura which will help in making life successful.

It is also good to show horoscope before starting any vashikaran saadhna because astrologer can guide you about which planets are problematic and which are good and what to do increase the probability of success in vashikaran saadhna.

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What is Vashikaran, Precautions to be taken while doing vashikaran practice, Astrologer for love problem solutions, Vashikaran mantra


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