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How to become good guest

Ethics Of Being Good Guest Somewhere, What points to keep in mind while going somewhere, Astrology tips to make journey successful.

Actually going somewhere is easy but being a successful guest is not very easy, there are many things which must be kept in mind while going to somewhere to stay or for sometime. This is the behavior only which will make you stay in the mind of others positively. So underestimate your presence anywhere, if we follow some points in mind then definitely person will remember us for long time and this will help to maintain healthy relationship too.
rules for being good guest
ethics of being good guest

Actually by talking with people related to guest, I have found that many are not happy at all by seeing guest at there home, this is not because they don't like them instead due to there bad experiences they are now avoiding having guest.

I also have a negative experience which also compelled me in this direction, one of my friend whenever come at home with there children, it is definite that some problem will arise, this because his children are too much naughty and obstinate and they just make the home hodgepodge. This is actually not with me but where ever he goes,disturbance arises, But in actual he is not aware of this that others are having problem with this behaviour of his children. Due to this what I have found that now a days people are avoiding him to invite him in any occasion.

This may happen with many ones but due to lack of knowledge or ignorance person suffers in social life. Here in this article I am going to present some important tips for every one, It may help you to become a good guest.

Who Is a Guest?

A guest is a person who visit any one's house for sometime, some days etc. In Indian culture guest are said to be the incarnation of god and so they are honoured. But now
a days due to fast life and need of money and change in thinking people generally avoid to have guest. 
As per the nature of person some are very good and put positive impacts on others and people like to invite them again and again but on the other hand some guest are so dangerous that people wait for there leaving home.

Let's Keep Some Points In Mind While Going Somewhere For Sometime:

  1. Keep in mind that every one needs privacy-
  2. This is a very important matter and if any one disturb anyone's privacy then it may arise problems. So whenever going somewhere try not to disturb any one. Don't interrupt in there very personal time.
  3. Do distribute presents for every one in family-Presents are the first thing which create positive impression in other's mind but while giving present keep in mind there need, age, time etc. If you give a needed items then it will be good for them. 
  4. Don't do leg-pulling -Unknowingly we hurt many one's so it is better to keep in mind that we must not use any word which may hurt anyone.
  5. Don't do negative Gossip:Don't blame any one, don't condemn any one, Always use good words and make positive atmosphere which gives peace in mind.
  6. Keep your children in control-Before going to anywhere it is better to teach children then how to behave in other's house tactfully.
  7. Do assist in kitchen-If there are many members then it is better to assist in kitchen too otherwise females may not give you the proper time due to busy in making meals, breakfast etc.
  8. Keep in mind the time of visiting any one's home-For e.g. don't go at sleeping time, don't go at lunch or dinner time until you are invited. Also if you going for staying for some days then also it is good to talk to them and also keep in mind the exam time, vacation time etc.
  9. Don't interrupt in anyone's matter:As the members are habitual of doing there work in a particular way so it is good to not disturb any one.
  10. Don't stay anywhere for many days, it may affect relationships.
Also when you leave the home do invite them to come at your home to spend some days and also give thanks to every member for spending time with you. You may give gifts while leaving there home too.

Astrology Tips To Make Journey successful:

  • Do the ganesh pujan before leaving home for any journey.
  • If you are using any vehicle for any long journey then do offer a coconut in the name of home god or goddess and then start your journey.
  • If you cross any holy river then do offer flowers, coconut and daksina and pray for your successful journey.
  • If you are going for any business then do take a flower after offering it to lord ganesha.
  • Keep yourself calm and alert while doing journey.
  • Install a Siddha Durghatna Nashak yantra(yantra to save from accident).
Have safe and successful journey and be a good guest.
If you face problems in journey then it may be possible that there is problems in planets in your horoscope, so to know about the malefic planets and the solutions it is good to consult astrologer.

Ethics Of Being Good Guest Somewhere, What points to keep in mind while going somewhere, Astrology tips to make journey successful.


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