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Horoscope Analysis Report By ASTROLOGER

Are You Mangalik, Check Online?

Mangal Dosha Analysis by astrologer, Manglik Calculation, marriage match making and mangal calculation as per vedic astrology. 

In Indian astrology, there are various factors which are used to decide life partner and one of the very important issue is checking Mangalik dosha in horoscope.
best astrology for mangalik dosha astrology
are you mangalik in horoscope
It is a belief that if there is a mangal in horoscope of any one then it is necessary to choose a person who also have mangal in kundli to live a happy and healthy life.

Are you having mangalik yoga in your horoscope, know about it by reading this article, here you can know about how mangalik yoga is calculated by reading horoscope also you can consult astrologer for minute analysis of kundli for marriage. 

What is Mangalik dosha as per Indian astrology?

This is also known as kuja dosha/mangal dosha/bhom dosha/ chovva dosham. In different region, people know this with different words.

How to Check Your Own Kundli To Know About whether You are Mangalik Or Nor?

To do so, first of all you have to make your Natal Chart online or offline or if you already have your natal chart then do check if the Mars is present in one of the following house:
  1. In ascendant of lagn kundli
  2. In 4th house of natal chart.
  3. 7th house
  4. 8th house
  5. Or 12th house. 
Special Note: As per my experience and study Mangalik dosha and having malefic mars in horoscope, both are 2 different thing, so do not confuse your-self by this. A mars present in any of the above house may be malefic and positive. Degree of planet also important to check impacts in life.
If any one is mangalik and mars is malefic then impacts are more powerful in life. In this case it is necessary to check horoscope very carefully and to take out solutions by keeping in mind many other points in mind too.

Impact of Mangalik Horoscope in life:

  • This factor mostly affects the marriage life and change the married life badly. One of the partner face health issues or divorce may take place.
  • Disturbances due to unwanted reasons make the marriage life hell. So it is necessary to perform proper remedies if marriage already took place.
  • Problems due to maanaglaik yoga generally felt by couples who have done LOVE MARRIAGE, because lovers don’t match horoscope and also they don’t do remedies because they are not aware of problems of mangal yoga.
  • But is advised to take step as soon as any one know about mangalik yoga, there are certain ways through which we can minimize impact AFTER MARRIAGE.
For this it is good to consult an experienced ASTROLOGER know.

Make your marriage life successful by using best match-making services online.
Make your love life wonderful by taking best love astrology services from astrologer.
Minimize doshas after marriage to live hurdle-free life.

Read more about Love or arrange marriage as per kundli.

Mangal Dosha Analysis by astrologer, Manglik Calculation, marriage match making and mangal calculation as per vedic astrology. 


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Horoscope Analysis Report By ASTROLOGER

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