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Horoscope Analysis Report By ASTROLOGER

Love or Arrange Marriage Calculation

When marriage will happen as per vedic astrology, is love marriage in my horoscope, will arrange marriage get successful, How my married life will be?, best time of marriage as per kundli.
love marriage calculator, arrange marriage calculation
Love or Arrange Marriage Calculation
Marriage is an important part of life and every young heart dream something special about married life and life partner. 
Calculation of marriage is not easy as per janm patrika because so many things are kept in mind before giving predictions about marriage life, time of shaadi etc.

Let’s See which points are kept in mind while reading about Marriage:

  1. Is any of the partner mangalik. Are you mangalik? check here>>
  2. Is there any graham yoga in kundli.
  3. Is divorce yoga is there or not and what are the remedies?
  4. What about happiness and romantic life after marriage?
  5. What are the prospects related to children?
  6. Is both partner are good for career wise growth.
  7. Financial aspects after living together.
  8. Is it good to proceed for love marriage?
  9. Chances of getting cheated by any of the partner etc.
So this is not easy task, very minute analysis is needed to perform match making of 2 persons. It is advised to not take decision by own and just by using software’s. On an experience astrologer can clear every aspect of your personal life by reading the planetary positions in horoscope.

Disadvantages of Mismatched Marriage:

  • Couples live unhappy life and conflicts takes place daily.
  • Affair by any one after marriage take place which disturb married life.
  • Unwanted diseases regularly affect the personal life.
  • Demotion in job or problem in managing finance due to malefic impacts of planets.
  • Not having healthy children due to doshas in match making.
So it is suggested to proceed for match making always and do consult only an experience astrologer. 
To know about LOVE MARRIAGE or ARRANGE MARRIAGE , do send the correct birth details as per guidelines given in contact us page.

Marriage Calculation by Astrologer:

Astrologer do check the horoscope very minutely before giving predictions about life partner and guide properly to make married life happy healthy and successful. Ashtkut milaan is done to check marriage life and individual horoscope of both male and female are also checked to know about how will be life. You can know about influence of planets in life after marriage.

1. The position of master of 7th house is checked to know about marriage time, partner.

So do contact ASTROLOGER know to know about your married life.

When marriage will happen as per vedic astrology, is love marriage in my horoscope, will arrange marriage get successful, How my married life will be?, best time of marriage as per kundli.


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Horoscope Analysis Report By ASTROLOGER

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